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Mood Management

Mood Management with Essential Oils

With almost 60 million American adults facing depression and anxiety disorders, essential oils can be a great natural solution without harmful side effects. In addition, with an increase in diagnosis of children with depression, essential oils can be a safe alternative to harmful medication.

Smell, almost more than any other sense, has the ability to dredge up memories, change moods, or ease tension. Your sense of smells is 10,000 times more sensitive than any of your other senses. Smell recognition is immediate.

Mood Matrix Oils

Citrus Bliss-Uplifting, Stimulating, Motivating, Amazing Aroma, Calming and Elevating

Serenity-Peaceful, Calming, Helps with Anxiety, Stress and Sleep

Elevation-Peaceful and Calming, Inspiring, Encouraging, Helps with Anxiety, Stress and Sleep

Balance-Grounding, Reassuring, Balances the body, Helps with Anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Nervousness

Oils for Mood Management



Helps with insomnia

Relieves anxiety

Relaxing and calming


Assists in soothing action on heart and nerves

Benefits restlessness, insomnia and nervous agitation

Acts as mild tranquilizer

Penetrates deepest layers of human psyche

Restores clarity and security

Fights depression and feeling of foreboding

Eases grief and soothes sadness

Uplifting and calming


Allows oxygen to cross the brain barrier

Helpful with Alzheimer's and Dementia

Helps with ADHD and Autism

Reduces anxiety


Stimulates the senses

Uplifts the mind

Calms the body

Reduces mental fatigue and lethargy

Helps manage anger


Reduces mental stress

Induces a state of relaxation and regeneration

Alleviates anxiety

Calming effect on the central nervous system

Reduces blood pressure

Decreases pain

Decreases depression levels

Helps with insomnia

Roman Chamomile

Reduces anxiety


Calming in distressed situations

Helps with insomnia

Muscle relaxant


Brain oxygenating

Increases production of white blood cells

Stimulates production of red blood cells

Brings thoughts and actions into focus

Helps stabilize mental and physical energy

Restores balance and harmony


Relieves anxiety

Relieves absentmindedness, creates clarity

Helps with ADHD

Ylang Ylang

Relieves depression

Soothes anger and frustration

Uplifts and creates sense of peace

Minimizes aggressive behavior

Stimulates enthusiasm

Helps to improve harmony and confidence

Helps to recognize enjoyable experiences

A diffuser can distribute essential oils or blends into the air creating an impact on the human body using the sense of smell. The aromatic use of essential oils affects mood, cleanses the air and opens the airways.

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