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Fabulous Frankincense!

Still time to get your FREE Frankincense this month with any 200 pv order. Frankincense is not an oil to go without, over 600 studies report benefits of frankincense in the National Library of Medicine. Frankincense helps the body by: • Reducing inflammation • Improves immune response • Supports digestive health • Benefits mood • May reduce cancer • Reduces autoimmune response • Helps balance hormones • Cellular Repair 13 Frankincense Essential Oil Uses 1. Frankincense Arthritis Benefits Frankincense reduces symptoms of arthritis because it brings down inflammation. Supplemental frankincense (Boswellia) reduced symptoms of osteoarthritiscompared to placebo in a randomized, clinical trial. It also increased range of motion and walking distance in these patients with arthritis. Another more recent clinical trial found that frankincense effectively reduced arthritis symptoms and improved functional ability. The researchers also found that frankincense improves arthritis symptoms in as little as 5 days [R]. 2. Frankincense Asthma Relief Research A variety of Boswellia called Boswellia serrata is one of the very few substances on the planet that can reduce 5-LOX inflammation. 5-LOX (5-lipoxygenase) enzyme activity leads to tumor formation, inflammatory, digestive, respiratory, and cardiovascular conditions. These theories were proven out in clinical research of asthma, where 70 percent of patients had improvement in asthma disease functional markers compared to 27 percent of placebo. 3. Frankincense Skin Benefits Frankincense use may help protect our most important barrier from the outside world; our skin. Frankincense use may also reduce skin aging from sun, skin roughness, and fine lines, as well as increase elasticity as shown in clinical study. Frankincense essential oil improved markers of skin health in cell study. This cell study suggests that frankincense likely may reduce scar formation and reduce wound persistence. Many people (including myself) use frankincense oil on their skin because they notice that it helps reduce signs of aging as well. 4. Frankincense Essential Oil Uses for Immunity Frankincense use may improve immunity by increasing adaptive immune response as demonstrated in two cell studies [R] [R]. Autoimmune conditions are also known by the body’s loss of immune tolerance. Frankincense is used to help numerous autoimmune conditions as shown in research. Frankincense compound enhances the innate immune response and natural killer cell activity in the body. 5. Frankincense Oil Cancer Benefits Many early research trials show that use of frankincense oil may reduce the burdens of cancer. Frankincense even reduces the genes that contribute to the spread, or metastasis, of cancer. Although research is still early, frankincense reduced tumor growth and spread by killing cancer cells in a rat study of glioma, a type of brain cancer. Frankincense also killed breast cancer cells in cell culture. In lab study, frankincense also reduced inflammatory markers in: • prostate • pancreatic • head and neck-type cancer cells [R]. More Frankincense Cancer Benefits Frankincense reduced growth and spread of prostate cancer in mice [R]. Frankincense reduced tumor growth and spread of head and neck cancer in a mouse model. Additionally, it increased the effectiveness of chemotherapy. While treating cancer with frankincense essential oils is still preliminary, many testimonials suggest benefit. 6. Frankincense For Thyroid Function Many essential oils are used to help improve thyroid function, including frankincense oil. Early research shows that frankincense essential oil use may help the thyroid. Frankincense had a positive effect on thyroid function in cell culture study. 7. Frankincense Essential Oil for Seizures Frankincense oil use improved learning and helped retain brain function in rats with epilepsy. In rats, frankincense oil also reduced the duration and amount of seizures. 8. Frankincense Essential Oil for Alzheimer’s and Memory Frankincense use eliminated the adverse effects of seizures on brain functionin animal study [R]. Frankincense reduced memory deficits in an animal model of Alzheimer’s dementia. 9. Frankincense May Improve Heart Health Frankincense had remarkable cardiovascular benefits in a recent animal study. It protected the heart by decreasing dangerous fats, improved heart enzymes, improved antioxidant enzymes, and reversed heart damage. 10. Frankincense Use Reduces Colitis Frankincense resin reduced ulcerative colitis symptoms better than treatment with sulfasalazine drug in terms of remission. 85 percent of the frankincense group achieved remission while 75 percent of drug treatment achieved remission. Boswellia supplements helped patients achieve remission for their colitis in another small clinical trial. Frankincense worked better than standard treatment. 11. Frankincense Essential Oils for Depression Frankincense essential oil use may also help ease depression as well. A study of patients receiving hospice care used a blend of frankincense, bergamot, and lavender applied topically as a hand massage for 5 minutes. Those receiving the oils had reduced pain and depression compared to hand massage alone. 12. Frankincense for Pain Frankincense has numerous pain-relieving properties, so it can be used for many kinds of pain. The pain-relieving properties of frankincense are very strong. In a clinical study, frankincense improved both pain threshold and pain tolerance. Try a combination of frankincense, copaiba, and marjoram to knock down neck pain. It works almost instantly when you use a roller bottle of this essential oil combination along with coconut oil applied to the neck. Frankincense essential oil testimonials for pain and healing: • Reduces otherwise daunting pains when using internally and topically • Helps heal wounds • Relieves muscle tension • Speeds healing time • Reduces discomfort of colds and allergies when combined with peppermint and rosemary Bottom line: frankincense may help pain significantly. It is a much safer option than prescription pain drugs. 13. Frankincense: Healing Oil for Gingivitis A rigorous clinical study of 75 teens showed that oral use of frankincense reduced inflammation of gingivitis more than drug treatment over a 14 day period. Is Frankincense Essential Oil Use Sustainable? Some harvesting of frankincense resin is sustainable and some is not. Doterra frankincense uses Co-Impact sourcing, which helps the people who grow the frankincense, the environment, social and economy of the region where it is derived. It supports the health and vitality of these precious Boswellia trees. Ingesting Frankincense • Use ONLY Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Frankincense oil. Contact me to order • High quality frankincense oil is really important. Why? Many “organic” and health food store varieties contain dangerous solvents, perfumes and only trace amounts of active frankincense! • Take 1–2 drops in a glass of water daily to support healthy cellular function. • Take the Lifelong Vitality supplement regimen, which contains supplementalBoswellia, to best support overall nutrition and reduce inflammation markers. How to Use Frankincense Oil on Face or Skin ​Dilute with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil to minimize any skin sensitivity. Frankincense roller bottles: Add 20 drops frankincense per 5–10 ml of coconut oil in a roller bottle. Add 1–2 drops to your usual moisturizer morning and evening. For a breast detoxification, place 4 drops twice daily to each breast two times a day for 30 days. Clinical study shows that use of frankincense may reduce breast tissue density. Topical Use for Pain and Mood • Enhance the effectiveness of other respiratory oils: combine with Breathe oil for respiratory health. • Pain relief oils: Add frankincense to peppermint oil for great headache relief. • Blend with copaiba and marjoram essential oil for a warming joint pain oil or for muscle and nerve pain. • Blend frankincense and myrrh together for inflammation. • Mixes well with lavender essential oil for calming and relaxation. • Apply topically 1 drop several times a day to desired area. Diffusing Frankincense Oil • Diffuse 3–4 drops in water in your diffuser. • Frankincense blends well with wild orange, myrrh, lavender, and blue tansy. 

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