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National Stress Awareness Day

It's National Stress Awareness Day! Stress causes so many physical effects on our body like back pain, headaches low immunity, weight gain and more!

Today on Fox 40 for Wellness Wednesday we talked about natural ways to combat stress. My whole journey began with wanting to find natural remedies for my daughter's anxiety disorder (and my anxiety and depression) so anxiety and stress are the topics close to my heart.

There is an AMAZING new product line called Adaptiv that included capsules that contain GABA and the whole line has been a game changer for my daughter (who calls the oil the miracle oil) and for my anxiety and depression issues as well. Some of our other favorite oils for stress are Serenity, Copaiba, Balance, Cheer, Wild Orange and Peppermint. Combining some of these is amazing! Serenity and Copaiba have a softgel also that we use often!

Not only using essential oils, but practicing gratitude has been shown to rewire your brain. Make a note on your phone daily if you don't want to keep an actual journal. Just do it!

Breathing techniques can help hijack your nervous system in times of stress or panic attacks. Make sure you inhale through the nose and double the amount of counts as you exhale out. For example, inhale for 4 counts and exhale for 8. Do this a few times and your heart rate and stress level will start to stabilize.

Mindfulness, mediation, yoga and other practices that have you focus on your breath and still the mind can have dramatic effects on your overall stress level also.

If you become a wholesale customer this month, you will get up to $50 worth of oils free next month...ask me how! No obligation to buy or sell....just like Costco/Sams

Here are some great articles on the oils and oils for calming:








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