• Kelly Symone

World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day. My passion for natural remedies started with trying to help my daughter with her anxiety panic disorder and my anxiety and depression. Oils are something with both use in our daily lives to help combat how we’re feeling. My husband does too and tells his guy friends about how they help him to help to open their minds to how they help as well. Our new favorite is the Adaptiv line. This new blend that contains a GABA has also been a game changer for those adults and children with ADHD also. Copaiba and Serenity and Balance are some of our go to oils. They not only help with stress and anxiety, they help you get a better nights sleep which is so important.  There are so many that can help with stress and anxiety and every person reacts to each oil differently just says each person would react to medications differently. The benefit here is that you will see results rather quickly and there are no side effects or toxins or chemicals to worry about. If it doesn’t work for you it just doesn’t with no detriment to your body. I love sharing the years of research and testimonials that I have to help others. If you’ve never tried doTERRA oils (and are not working with anyone else as I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes who has their own valuable information) I’d be happy to make you customized samples so you can let the oils speak for themselves. If you are currently taking medication, do not make any changes to your dose without speaking to your doctor first  

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