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Amazing new product!

AMAZING testimonial about the new Adaptiv line that is available to purchase Oct 1st! I cannot wait to try this for myself and my daughter! Shared with permission from Stephanie Clunn—Adaptiv Testimony: The real testimony is my 7 year old and that is what I am discussing with my team as it is the big player here. But I had to tell someone that I am also having HUGE results as well. I have been suffering from INTENSE anxiety in the last year. I mean really bad. Day one on Adaptiv- better sleep. Day two- more evenly keeled. TODAY? GAME CHANGER. My energy is UP, I am alert, awake, focused, more on point, HAPPY. ZERO anxiety, general just overall calm and I can't think of any other word than happy. Normally I am stressed beyond belief! I think I found my perfect DT "cocktail". I was worried about taking my Mito with it but it seems to marry VERY WELL with it. I take half dose LLV in the am (never can remember dose #2) along with 2 Mitos, 1 Turmeric, 2 Copaiba and one Adaptiv. If this continues, we are going to help a LOT more people. More than ever. Here is my daughter's: 7 year old:** HUGE testimony. We have never had our girl tested or diagnosed for anything but if I could guess, I would say strong ADD/ADHD and I am a BIG BELIEVER that those disorders are waaaaaaaaaaaay over-diagnosed. But this little sweetheart, who has a servant's heart big time, has the gift of encouragement and is a momma's little helper, ALSO struggles with daily extreme and violent mood swings, tantrums, hysterical screaming, uncontrollable rage and mass inability to focus in any way. DAILY, multiple times. NOTHING worked discipline wise and it could get to the point where it scared us for her. We began to think that discipline was not the problem nor the answer. We started with tools for behavior modification with very minimal results. (breathing, counting, etc) She was a big time preemie with a +drug screen which comes with many of these type issues and an additional very rough aged 12-18 month time period where her circumstantial life apart from us did not make it any easier. While we jumped a LOT of hurdles with her with love and stability after her adoption finalized, we were yet about to seek medical help at this point. Enter Adaptiv. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT efficacy on DAY ONE. (Yesterday 9/22) ZERO incidences. No crying, no fighting, no tantrums, no anger, no screaming. No "pin-balling" as we call it. *** NONE***. Centered, focused, able to concentrate, calm, in control of her thoughts and words. And the best of all? SELF AWARE that it happened. Spoke to us multiple times about it. "I am so glad I did not fight with anyone today." "I am having a really good day." "I am so glad I feel calm, is that from that stuff you gave me, can I have some every day?" Rightly broke my heart at the same time it made it sing! My husband and I are just like, blinking at each other in disbelief right now. Protocol we used: One Adaptiv capsule, Touch roll on once or twice a day. 

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