• Kelly Symone

Anxiety in Kids

This is how it started with my daughter at around 7 years old. She had demonstrated signs of anxiety and sensitivity to sounds at about a year old, but didn't know the cause at at the time as when she got to be around 2 1/2 it got better and no signs for many years.

We had all the physical testing done on her stomach etc (which she even asked for because she wanted to know what was wrong also) and after all that came back clear, she was diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder. Her panic attacks and anxiety were debilitating and that's how I learned about the power of essential oils and aromatherapy which was so amazing to help her calm down.

She is almost 15 now and uses oils on a daily basis with her coping tools and therapy. Thanks to all of that, she has only needed a very low dose of medication to help her still feel and identfy the anxiety and be able to deal with it before it gets out of control.

I am not anti medication at all, I just like to teach people about natural remedies and how they can help without side effects, chemicals and toxins instead of, or to support a medication regime.

After all I've learned about essential oils and coping tools, I've been able to be off my medication that I was on for 20 years successfully for the past year. Of course you still have to put the self care work in, but it feels amazing to be medication free and I'm hopeful I can stay that way and perhaps maybe someday by daughter can be free of meds too. If not, that's ok! I feel good about knowing that we have tried natural alternatives for medication (and not on as much medication as she may have needed if she wasn't using oils etc) and not just relying on meds.

If you or your child suffer from anxiety, I can help!


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