• Kelly Symone


YAY!!! New Kids Kit (available Oct. 2nd) - When they put together this kit they wanted to make sure it covered the mind, body and heart. Taking care of the whole child. ~Mind - 2 blends - Thinker, and Calmer 1. Thinker - focus blend - appeasing blend of Vetiver, Peppermint, Clementine and Rosemary - make sure encouraging creativity, focus. 2. Calmer - restful - before bedtime, stressful times - Lavender, Cananga, Buddha Wood, and roman chamomile - all things calming for overwhelmed little minds. ~ Body - 2 blends - Stronger and Rescuer. To make sure kids are taking care of aches and pains, as playing and growing and supporting immune system. 3. Stronger - Protective blend - cedarwood, litsea, frankincense, rose - in place of on guard - more simple blend, gentle for young bodies - perfect dilution ratios for sensitive skin - boost immune system or help when not feeling well. 4. Rescuer - copaiba, spearmint, zanthxylum, lavender - regenerative properties, calming, for bumps and bruises ~ Heart - 2 blends - Steady and Brave. Imagine if we teach kids to be cognizant of their emotions, to know how and why they’re feeling and why - to nurture and care for emotions - imagine tomorrow’s leaders we’re raising. 5. Steady - grounding -amyris, Balsam fir, coriander, magnolia - balance, calming, comforting, well-being - on base of neck, bottom of feet. 6. Brave - courage blend - amyris, wild orange, cinnamon, osmanthus - often kids lack confidence and courage - onto tummy or bottoms of feet for a boost of courage and confidence Emily Wright has been so excited to equip our younger children with tools needed to nurture and care for their bodies. $95 wholesale, $126.67 retail - 6 10ml rollers 

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