• Kelly Symone

Copaiba is amazing!

Copaiba oil is perfect for skin care! It can even generally be applied in sensitive skin area, where most other essential oils may not be applicable. FOR SAGGING SKIN: Apply it direct on skin areas which are sagging. Copaiba oil boosts secretion of collagen and elastin to make skin firm and taut. FOR VARICOSE VEINS: It improves blood circulation of veins close to skin, allowing them to drain back and reduce pooled blood. This gets rid of varicose veins. FOR STRETCH MARKS: Stretch marks are depressions in skin. Apply Copaiba oil as massage oil on these scars. The depression starts to fill up in a few weeks. Use this in combination with olive oil to fade away the stretch marks. FOR ACNE: Because of its super anti-inflammatory power, Copaiba oil reduces redness around the acne, making it much less noticeable. Take 2 drops of this oil on a cotton ball and apply it directly ( without diluting ) on active acne. It shouldn’t sting. Wait for 2 – 3 hours. The area affected by the acne reduces considerably. Besides providing these skin benefits, Copaiba oil also reduces pain and loosens muscles, easing the discomfort of headaches, and cleanses the body by stimulating urination.