• Kelly Symone

Gum and mints are toxic!!

Did you know that almost all chewing gum and mints contains aspartame? Experts have questioned whether aspartame is actually a good alternative to sugar and many now warn against the potential harmful effects it may cause. The safety of aspartame is being questioned, with studies linking the artificial sweetener to health issues such as: - Eye problems - Headaches and migraines - Diabetic Issues - Prevention of weight loss - Enhancement of mood disorders - Inflammation and joint pain - Stomach Cramps - Increased risk of seizures - Hearing problems Peppermint Beadlets are great for freshening your breath and are a super alternative to chewing gum. Just pop one in your mouth for a refreshing burst of flavor. Each beadlet is approximately 1/4 drop of essential oil. I use only these daily and it keeps your breath fresh a lot longer than a minute or gun and also helps with digestion! Have you tried one yet? #asparatame #chewinggum #gum #breathfreshener #flavor 

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