Using doTERRA hair care products saved my hair with all the coloring and damage I was doing, but I personally needed more.  Then, I found Monat!!!  These pictures say it all!  If you want to learn more, you can also join my FB group  

or go to or contact me with questions!

This is ME. My hairdresser is known as the Hair Doctor and has been seen on local and national television. It took her two years to agree to try this product and when she did this major color correction on me (I had it dyed black with purple and blue = tons of bleaching and heavy color) she had me use monat for three weeks to see if it would help. I had been using my doterra oil products (my other page is Essential Symone) and they kept it from falling out and having split ends (it would have been MUCH worse without it) but I did a lot of damage. Not only did Monat fix my hair like this in three weeks, it grew AN INCH!!!! If you know me, you know my hair doesn't grow so I'm freaking out!! 
I had no desire to do any other business in addition to my coaching with my life changing oils, but the results were so amazing with Monat that I HAD to join this team and give everyone the chance to experience what I am!! If you have ANY type of problem with your hair, Monat CAN fix it!! 

WOW!!!!! This is my son (who is 22!) and he’s been using this system for 12 weeks. The pictures don’t really do it justice! He has grown SO much hair! He has a TON of baby hairs growing in his receding area in the front that you can’t really see in the pictures. . So amazing!!!! Brings me so much joy to be able to help him!!!