I'm so glad you're here to learn about oils with me!

My name is Kelly Symone and I am a married Mother of 4 kids (sons 20 and 17, stepdaughter 12 and daughter 11).  I didn't know (or care) about essential oils until I wanted a natural, non toxic alternative to medicine to help my daughter with her anxiety disorder. After doing some research, I learned about the benefits of lavender essential oil to help with relaxation, and so my journey began!

Then my daughter (who is a DIY junkie) started asking me to get her other oils to make her own bath bombs and body scrubs. She LOVES to use and make them (which is great because they cost a ton at those specialty stores!) and even gave them as Christmas gifts which was a HUGE hit! Find the recipe on my DIY page! 

As I started trying to figure out which oils are best to use, I came across a ton of oil brands. I got some in the grocery store thinking those were just fine. WRONG!  They may say "pure" but they have fillers and are diluted.  I wanted something I felt safe ingesting myself and especially for my family! My whole purpose of using oils is because it's a non toxic alternative.  Making sure it is pure and the highest quality is paramount, which is why I chose dōTERRA! 

I started off just wanting to get wholesale prices on the oils for myself. I didn't have to sign up to sell or have quotas or anything, I was able to just be a wholesale member (like Costco/Sams etc) I could just buy what I needed. I had NO intention of selling, however, I found myself talking about things I had used or done to feel better, along with lots of other uses in conversation.  I was excited about it and everyone I told got excited so I wanted to share on a bigger scale to more people!

I have been approached by MANY people to sell whatever they sell (anyone who knows me personally knows I like to juice and I love yoga) but after looking at the ingredients, they were never something I would use myself, so why would I want to sell it you?

I use dōTERRA daily for many things.  This is just me as a friend telling my other friends about it!   Of course, making a little money to support my oil habit is always a great perk :) 


I'm happy to answer any question, anytime! There is A LOT to learn about oils, and I find new ways to use them everyday myself.


I'm excited you chose to explore oils with me! 

Contact me with ANY questions!